Single-molecule localization microscopy (SMLM)

Our group is developing refined single-molecule imaging tools for super-resolution microscopy. We develop novel photoswitches, optical imaging schemes, software for image processing and data analysis, and apply these tools to study cellular life with a focus on membrane receptors.


  • Oct 2020: We have been successful in the EPSRC New Horizons scheme! In an interdisciplinary project with Gwyn Gould we aim at developing novel tools for membrane imaging at the nanoscale. More infos soon.
  • Dec 2019: In a collaboration with Christian Franke (MPI-CBG Dresden) and the group of Marek Cebecauer we published our results on unraveling membrane topology with 3D SMLM (link)
  • Mar 2019: LocFileVisualizer: ImageJ macro for visualization of localization data (Software).

Recent publications:

  • Mattia Marenda, Elena Lazarova, Sebastian van de Linde, Nick Gilbert, Davide Michieletto “SuperStructure: a Parameter-Free Super-Structure Identifier for SMLM Data” bioRxiv (2020)
  • Christian Franke, Tomas Chum, Zuzana Kvicalova, Daniela Glatzov√°, Alvaro Rodriguez, Dominic Helmerich, Otakar Frank, Tomas Brdicka, Sebastian van de Linde, Marek Cebecauer. “Unraveling nanotopography of cell surface receptors” bioRxiv (2020)
  • Sebastian van de Linde. “Single-molecule localization microscopy analysis with ImageJ” J. Phys. D Appl. Phys. 52, 203002 (2019)