Physics and Biogeochemistry

Monitoring physical-biogeochemical interactions from space

Water leaving radiance signals in the UV / visible / NIR  are sensitive to the presence of phytoplankton, other organic and inorganic particles and coloured dissolved organic materials (CDOM). OCRS therefore provides a unique window onto biogeochemical processes from space. We are leading a new avenue of research looking at coupled physical-biogeochemical processes by combining OCRS and Sea Surface Temperature imagery with state of the art models for shelf sea dynamics.

Collaborators on this work:

Dr Alex Souza and  Dr Jeff PoltonNational Oceanography Centre Liverpool
Maps of MODIS remote sensing reflectance at 667 nm and stratification index from POLCOMS simulations for the Irish Sea in summer 2005 and winter 2006. In summer low reflectance signals correspond to regions of stratification. In winter high reflectance signals occur in areas where the water column remains mixed.